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Today's log

Here's what the community is building...

install Go and set up development environment
complete codecademy course Learn Go
Create and configure a virtual private gateway for my VPC.
cooked new things
Create a custom email popup
delete old server-backup files
restart apache
Approved submissions
reply to mails
Finished translating all text
Trying to get out of a major funk this week.
Did the Dishes
Updated Client Logo
Wrote Thank You card.
Cleaned out Email
Organized Mail and Papers
Cleaned my office.
Gather 21-24 new images from
to post to
Click to view image
Create New audience
You can now create new audiences for different projects.
Added Switch Audiences
Switch between your different audiences. It's called "Switch Audience" for now but will likely change as I get some more style added.
Base Content View
I added the base for the new content view, from here you will be able to create posts and threads for each content and schedule, schedule retweets, etc. This is just to lay down the base for it so I can start building this functionality
Added new content feed screen
This is a change from the last version of Contentr, I've moved the content feed to it's own screen. You will be able to filter and sort the content here and then open the new Content View screen.
Experimenting with SwiftUI, Combine etc
check analytics
Send my 1st newsleeter issue