Carlos Branco

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Help with figma or another software that can help me

Hello guys, a lot of times I need to build designs for my clients. I need...
by @12months12projecs

How to monetize a Wordpress plugin?

What you think is the best approach to monetize a Wordpress plugin? Go freemium with limitations? Or...
by @12months12projecs

Please try my new Wordpress Plugin need feeback

Hello guys, I develop a plugin to make your website faster. This plugin has a lot...
by @12months12projecs

What do you listen while work / code ?

What do you like to listen while coding or working on another tasks? I notice this...
by @12months12projecs

What you feel about creating logs related with #life ?

Hey, guys, I want to ask you how you feel when you see someone or...
by @12months12projecs