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Best and safe site to trade in cryptocurrency

I am planning to invest some portion of my earnings in different investment options like...
by @jaynish

Is there a way to become verified other than being a cat?

In the rising makers, I saw a Verified badge. From what I can see, the...
by @doomhammer

How therapy turned out to be my key to consistency as a solo founder

Hey guys, wrote an article about how to cope with mental problems while being solo...
by @akcium

Maker Sneak Peeks!

Hey Makers, We're starting a trend!! @joshmanders and I have been sharing previews and screenshots...
by @jamesmkenny

Looking for Mobile App Developer to Collaborate on Projects

Hi, I have several successful SAAS Products. Right now looking for Mobile App Developer to Collaborate...
by @saranshchopra

Do you build desktop apps?

I wonder how many of you are building desktop applications. I assume most are interested...
by @doomhammer

How do you deal with low self-esteem days?

I've touched this topic on Twitter before, but I'm especially curious about other makers. I'm progressing...
by @doomhammer

Just launched my first project on ProductHunt

I mainly made this to solve my own problem of having too many resources for...
by @MaciejJanowski

Must read books for indie hackers/bootstrappers?

Makerlog doing the *Zero to Sold* giveaway on Twitter got me thinking about what other...
by @lori

Share your code lessons for developers πŸ”₯

Hello, developers! Share you code lessons for developers and I feedback you πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I'll start first! Recently...
by @gaserdgg

What is your need for a CMS ?

Hey Guys, I am currently working on a new concept for a new kind of CMS....
by @veitpro

Just launched my new side project to Twitter - Makerlog for reading

Would really appreciate your feedback :) [Link to the Tweet](
by @bcye

We're giving away a copy of Arvid Kahl's Zero to Sold

Hey friends, [We're giving away a fire ass book. RT and Like to win. ](
by @sergio

Feature feedback

Hey, I'm working to add support for more bulk emails, AWS SES and Send grid...
by @jamesmkenny

Need help validating offer

Yo makers! Do you guys struggle with being productive? I'm working on an offer for workflow...
by @mvrckio

Let's hack Twitter (again) - Get new followers!

Hey makers, Post your Twitter link and what you tweet about. Let's follow each other to...
by @gabriel4649

What are you building this month? [August 2020]

August is usually vacations month, but well 2020 happened... So **what are your plans for this...
by @alina

What are you building this month? [July 2020]

Hey Makers, Time for the **July** edition! You know the drill, post in the comments what...
by @depomoty

GetMakerlog integration with Todoist

Do you mind answering - anyone? 1. what is the time sync interval between Todois and...
by @speshov

How did you get your first users?

I am just about ready with the MVP of the product I am building (,...
by @MaciejJanowski