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Display behavior details
Display metric details
laundry and clean up
morning breakfast and coffee
Gsheets to online form generator: just one new lead recently!
Redo hero section with updated feature image
Liquibase or Flyway for database migration
Social registration and sign-in options
Basic sign-up functionality
Automated testing on the backend for current models
Pricing data model
JWT Authorization
Initial backend, frontend, and database schema settled on
State management
Add redux toolkit for complicated state management on the front-end.
Update series page card size
Fix latest videos sort
Update mobile menu
Add analytics to site
Pushed 1 change to Audience.Web
Layout new home page, add screen shots and text.
Working on the new home page. Adding some text around what features are currently in Audience and adding screenshots for those features.

@mburushkina this is a good idea.

馃ぉ Fix progress bar in dark mode
馃コ Improve dark mode
Schedule 3 guests for October so far 馃槃
bake cookies 馃崻 and chocolate cake 馃巶