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What's the possible (legal) consequences if I openly 'disparage' about a larger, incumbent competitor in my marketing?

So I run a JAMstack web design service called [Sweet Jam Sites](https://sweetjamsites.com), and recently I'm...
by @jasonleow

Where to find frustrated customers of any service/product?

I phrased the title question broadly so that we can all benefit from the ideas...
by @jasonleow

Making a website builder from scratch

👶🏻 Noob developer question: Looking for tutorial-style blog posts or articles on how to create...
by @jasonleow

How do I calculate CTR for ads on my small site?

So recently I opened up ads on my site [Keto List Singapore](https://ketolistsingapore.com). It's a directory/listings...
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Looking for a Google Analytics public dashboard/open page product

I'm trying to find a SaaS or product where I can just key in my...
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