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Indie solopreneur | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services to $5k monthly revenue. ⛓ sheet2bio.com - link-in-bio via Google Sheets ✍️ golifelog.com - daily writing for creators 🔌 plugins.carrd.co - plugins to power up your Carrd sites 🏛 outsprint.io - design × gov consultancy 📬 jasonleow.substack.com - weekly newsletter for my indie solopreneur journey

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Grant Hunt🚀

Grant Hunt

Easiest way to hunt down that grant for your social impact project, using a chat bot.

Outsprint Store🚀

Outsprint Store

Ecommerce store selling design tools for public good

Public Design Vault🚀

Public Design Vault

A curated directory of 500+ design tools for public good, all in one place

Public Design Forum🚀

Public Design Forum

[Temporarily unavailable] A global community of designers and innovation professionals for public good and social impact

Public Design Jobs🚀

Public Design Jobs

A mission-based job board for design & innovation jobs in the public sector, worldwide.

UX Storyboard🚀

UX Storyboard

UX Storyboard is an online productized service to help designers and innovators tell better stories of the UX of their product/service th...

Coffice City🚀

Coffice City

Coffice City is an inter-galactic city guide for the top 10 best coffices (cafe-as-an-office) to get real shit done. A strictly curated h...

Space Nomads🚀

Space Nomads

Space Nomads is a [fictional] space travel tour agency for the masses. We believe that humanity’s fate is starbound, and we’re here to en...

Public Design FAQs ebook

Public Design FAQs ebook

Complete ebook guide to practitioner tips & hacks on #publicdesign & #govdesign

Decoding Coding

Decoding Coding

2019 till present bucket list - learning how to code. HMTL, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, JAMstack, Gatsby, Vue,...


Your Life In Months

"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver - Share your monthly goals. See your life timeline. Live ...

Keto List Singapore🚀

Keto List Singapore

Singapore's local directory of LCHF, keto-friendly bakeries, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and online retail outlets.

Sweet Jam Sites🚀

Sweet Jam Sites

F**k Wordpress. A productized service to build JAMstack websites for aggrieved Wordpress site owners.

Tools For COVID19 🇸🇬🚀

Tools For COVID19 🇸🇬

A directory of tools & resources for small-medium businesses to weather through COVID19, by quickly innovating new service/product offeri...

Dabao Dash🚀

Dabao Dash

A community board matching freelance, independent delivery folks with hawkers & small-medium F&B shops affected by COVID-19.



VisualAid is a resource of illustrated translations to enable better communication between healthcare workers & migrant workers affected ...



Write 100 words a day, every day, towards your goals.

Jason's Plugins For Carrd🚀

Jason's Plugins For Carrd

Custom coded plugins, widgets, components, scripts to extend your Carrd sites



Fastest way to innovate public policy & social services

Social impact patronage

Social impact patronage

Help me help others, using tech for good



Restaurant link-in-bio made on Google Sheets


Design thinking for social good course

Learn how to apply human-centred design to your toughest social causes

Safe Distancing SG 🇸🇬🚀

Safe Distancing SG 🇸🇬

The latest safe distancing rules all in one place.

Mind My Millions

Mind My Millions

Learning and building good money habits and mindsets, to allow wealth to enter your life.



Create a link-in-bio using Google Sheets. For creators & indie hackers.

5am creators🚀

5am creators

5am club for creators, indie hackers & makers where we chat async about: 🛌 Sleep biohacking 🔥 Early AM productivity tips 🤝 Public accoun...

Trick Deck

Trick Deck

Unlimited design & support for Carrd websites

Plugins For Webflow

Plugins For Webflow

Plugins, widgets, scripts to extend your Webflow sites

Career Conversation Cards🚀

Career Conversation Cards

Cards to prompt meaningful conversations about your career

Personal website

Personal website

🚧 [Work-in-progress] jasonleow.com & jasonleow.sg

Jason's indie solopreneur journey🚀

Jason's indie solopreneur journey

Sharing my indie solopreneur journey and growing an audience on Twitter and Substack


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