Veit Progl

developer of LogBot - Indie web / App dev

What is your need for a CMS ?

Hey Guys, I am currently working on a new concept for a new kind of CMS....
by @veitpro

The best way to present your project

Hey Makers, I have in 4 days my seccond Part of **my final school exam**. I...
by @veitpro

LogBot for Makerlog Feature voting

Hey Guys, I'm currently developing LogBot for Makerlog it is a native Makerlog client for iOS...
by @veitpro

App demo video is it worth it ?

Hey Guys, I am thinking about creating a demo video for LogBot for makerlog (a native...
by @veitpro

LogBot for Makerlog Public Beta

Hey Maker, LogBot is a nativ iOS client for makerlog, Zoe can add a log, start...
by @veitpro

Alpha signup for native makerlog client!

Hey Makers, The past weeks I worked on a native makerlog client, the iOS version is...
by @veitpro

Where do you get license free music ?

Hey Makers, I'm looking for some license free (or cheap) music for my app trailer, where...
by @veitpro