Currently building https://dsgn.link

Anyone using Hello Bar or similar software?

Hi fellow makers. I'm working on a product idea that looks similar to Hello Bar and...
by @wassim

What are your favorite web design blogs?

Hello makers, I'm building [www.layers.news](https://layers.news) and I was looking for new feeds to add. What are...
by @wassim

Glad to see you back!

Hi fellow makers, I was away from keyboard for a long time because of serious health...
by @wassim

I made a list of interesting virtual events/conferences/meetups

Due to current circumstances, many design/front-end related conferences are going online so I curated all...
by @wassim

What is the fastest and safest way to financial freedom?

Hi folks! Hope you are all doing well in these hard times. I was diagnosed with...
by @wassim

I made small tool to download photos and videos from Instagram

I was looking for a way to download photos and videos from Instagram to my...
by @wassim

Help me build a better remote job board!

Hi makers! I've been working lately (and slowly) on a side project called [Let's Remote](https://letsremote.io). It's...
by @wassim

What are your thoughts on passwordless login?

I'm thinking of implementing login via "magic link" on a new project I'm working on....
by @wassim

Looking for Dribbble invites? (only designers)

Hi makers, I have a couple of Dribbble.com invites up for grabs. Anyone want one? Post your...
by @wassim

Looking for feedback on an idea

A site where you can submit one-to-one questions along with a donation amount of what...
by @wassim