Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Makerlog.

What is Makerlog?

Makerlog is a community of over 5,000 entrepreneurs in tech shipping side projects together. These entrepreneurs, makers, can post their daily tasks and grow a network of supportive, like-minded people! Which, is pretty awesome.

How does it work?

Makerlog works by logging your daily project-related tasks, earning streaks (consecutive days of work), and interacting with other makers to get feedback or early users.

Umm... why?

Making can be a really lonely thing. Depending on where you are, you might not have access to a supportive environment for your entrepreneurship endeavors. We believe every maker could benefit from a group of like-minded peers to help them in their journey!

Also... Traditional social media is all about consumption. We're all about productivity first. Makerlog's the platform that makes you more productive rather than less!

How'd it begin?

I started Makerlog in 2018, while in high school. I've been a maker since childhood, and throughout that entire time I never really felt anyone understood what I did. I never had a support network until I found the maker community. I grew to love the community and developed a huge passion for this really weird, yet amazing group of people... I then decided to make Makerlog to help push this movement forward.

Sergio Mattei, student founder

What's the stack, fam?


  • Django
  • Django Channels
  • Django REST Framework
  • Dokku, DigitalOcean

  • NextJS

How do I add tasks?

You can add a task on using the completed task or to-do tab on your homepage. To change the task's status, use just switch tabs as you write.

  • The default status is "done" and it appears as a green tick icon.
  • Click on it and it will change to an orange circle (which sets status "todo").
  • Click one more time and you will get the orange circle to pulsate (which sets task as "in progress").

How do I add tasks from Telegram?

Join the Makerlog Telegram group and then pair your account with Makebot by typing /pair to MakerlogBot.

After pairing you can add tasks by using /done or /todo or /now followed by the task text.

  • /done will set the task as done
  • /todo will set the task as todo
  • /now will set the task as in progress

You can always type /help to see all available commands.

How do I add tasks from other apps?

To see Makerlog integrations, check out the Integrations/Apps Page at Integrations.

How does the streak work?

  • You must add at least one task before 12AM in your CURRENT timezone. (please be aware of this when traveling)
  • In progress and todo tasks are not counted.
  • A task counts for the day it was marked as done, not when it was created. If you added a task yesterday and completed it today, it was marked as done today and counts for today's streak. It will however remain in your log in the day you added it.

Help, I lost my streak!

Possible reasons:

  • Travel (check out "How does the streak work?" above)
  • Algorithm issues
If you believe this was an error, add a support ticket here.

What are wellness features?

Resting is very important in preventing burnout. We know that, so Makerlog has Rest Days and Weekend Mode as wellness feature.

Take days off without breaking your streak!

You can access the Wellness features in Streaks.

How do rest days work?

  • You get 1 rest day for each 10 days of streak
  • Rest days are automatically applied for the days when you don't log any tasks
  • Rest days will not break your streak, but they will not count towards it
  • If you don't want rest days to be automatically applied, you can enable Hardcore mode in Streaks.