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Start rebuilding the frontend of my

Right now it's just Ghost, but I don't have the ability to do some stuff I want to do, so I decided to convert it to a headless blog powered by Ghost as I still like the writing experience of Ghost. I just want to add more robust functionality to my site.

fix issue where ghost still thought the domain was on

Was testing stuff before deploying to new cluster and had config set to .dev of the domain and didn't realize it for months. Oops.

Publish blog post: I lost my love for the web.

Read here:
Josh Manders Author Staff

lolol lets do a maker webring


it's just become too noisy. in other news, let's bring back webringsss ๐Ÿคช


Stop neglecting my and start writing some of my drafts

Long over due, I keep adding drafts with notes about some blog posts but I haven't written any, so I decided to start again. First with a draft I started almost a year ago and should have published 6 months ago.
Josh Manders Author Staff

Hahah yeah a lot are shocked to hear about it, I kept it mostly quiet because of how taboo the industry is, but now I don't care.


i knew you were a chef, but didn't know about adult industry until you recently mentioned on twitter! can't wait to read your story :)


add discuss on twitter / edit on github links to

add newsletter subscription box to my site

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