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A User Research for Developing a Platform for App Owners

Hey guys, I know it been a long time since I have been here....
by @DustinM18381810

What markdown editor are you using?

Am looking forward to using markdown CMS. Markdown is simple and intuitive. Or possibly use...
by @cholkhan

Have you got gamification in your app?

Hey! who is using gamification/achievements in their app? Do you know any good examples? I think there's...
by @gray

How do you set yourself sales targets?

Our products should make money. Or at least not lose it. How do you set yourself...
by @doomhammer

What does your Trello board look like for managing your side-project?

I use Trello for almost everything. When it comes to building my side-project I am...
by @ashking

Looking for testers/first users!?

Hi everyone, long time lurker here. I am the maker of, like gifs, but...
by @PatrickPayne

Is the Makerlog roadmap public?

This is mostly a question to @matteing . I was wondering whether the upcoming features...
by @doomhammer

Are you active on ProductHunt? Share your link here, so we can follow each other!

This way we will get notifications whenever one of the makerloggers launches a new product...
by @doomhammer

Privacy + Gmail alternatives = No integrations?

Since I need to fix my email SPF, DKIM, and DMARC settings, I've begun to...
by @helengriffinjr

What code editor do you prefer?

So I started taking statistics this semester and my professor LOVES R, so long story...
by @leilacasillas

How to deal with postponing your launch?

Hi all! I was planning to launch on Oct 5 a couple of days after my...
by @lori

What email service do you use for your projects?

I've been using Zoho for a while now but its interface can be frustrating and...
by @keenencharles

What software do you guy use for prototyping

Hey guy, I'm still using the traditional manner to prototyping project ie Blank A4 Paper...
by @asyraf

[New idea] Gigle: "the Google" for gig jobs

I just started working on this new idea and would love feedback ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Check o..
Gold only
by @ethanteng

What are your favorite web design blogs?

Hello makers, I'm building []( and I was looking for new feeds to add. What are...
by @wassim

Thoughts on Google Tables?

Yesterday we saw the launch of Google Tables, a direct competitor to Airtable and other...
by @sergio

A website designed by a developer - a big "no no"?

What do you think about my design for I'm a developer with no a...
by @amitbend

What's the possible (legal) consequences if I openly 'disparage' about a larger, incumbent competitor in my marketing?

So I run a JAMstack web design service called [Sweet Jam Sites](, and recently I'm...
by @jasonleow

Where do I start on developing?

So my business idea relies heavily on a website and I do not look to...
by @BarbarinoJulian

We're launching on ProductHunt on Monday. Got any tips?

So, the product is ready, the landing page is ready, and the payment flow works....
by @doomhammer