Open to discuss for making high benefit together

Hello, everyone, Are there anyone based in US or Canada on here? I would like to be able to have a chat with someone. hope to hear from you soon.

How I Launched FrontendEase

I have been a software engineer by trade for almost a decade now. I always wanted to productize my skills in a package that is appealing to startups and... [Read more]

Emails, Emails everywhere!

With the rebuilding of Audience and working on V2, I've been thinking about the different types of emails we send and how they fit into the UI.


... [Read more]

Seeking Feedback: Help Us Slash Video Delivery Costs

Hey guys! 👋

We're on a quest at Slashed.Cloud to solve a massive headache for website owners with tons of videos: how to deliver high-quality video streaming... [Read more]

Seeking Advice: How Can Better Support Your App Development Journey?

Hey everyone! 🚀

I'm on a mission to make app building super easy and fun with something I've been working on: It's a cool set of tools ... [Read more]

Seeking Feedback: Your Experience with

Hi everyone!

We just launched, a storytelling platform that allows for creative narrative development across various formats. I’m curious to... [Read more]

Need your help for my new product

Problem Checking emails on platforms like Gmail can be cumbersome and time-consuming, often resulting in missed opportunities and important messages left... [Read more]

Potential pivot points

Numbers on launch are null, which leads me to believe a change is needed. 1 - I look to pivot ProductFrame into a SaaS product akin to Miro, where users... [Read more]

Best Software for Dashboard Wireframe?

I'm currently using Figma to draw dashboard wireframes, but I'm finding it too difficult to work with. Could you please recommend another tool?

Update on Makerlog(NEXT) Progress

Good morning, makers! ☕️

As you know today is November 1st, and on we announced public beta of Makerlog(NEXT) happening on Halloween.

Sadly at the... [Read more]

Does Makerlog have a mobile app?

I couldn't find it in the market, does anyone know about this?

New to Markerlog! Let Connect!!

Hi everyone, we just getting started on Makerlog! Any advice where we can have a better start?

What does Personal Branding mean to YOU?

I'm seeing a lot of talk about personal branding recently. Curious about what it means to YOU and if/ how you are creating a personal brand.

Makerlog Next and the future of the community.

Good morning, makers! ☕️

Last week on the official Twitter account we announced the relaunch of Makerlog on Halloween.

Today I am writing this official ... [Read more]

How we learn fast

In an early-stage startup, your rate of learning needs to be faster than your rate of spending. 📈📉

In my team we take it really seriously! So I wanted... [Read more]

Are there any Indie hackers who pay to use Tweet Hunter?

Are there any Indie hackers who pay to use Tweet Hunter?

What features make you pay?

Do you use Mastodon?

Twitter seems to have become less useful for me. Are there any makers active on Mastodon?

I have created a novel consensus protocol that avoids the centralization of power (blockchain)

Here is the demonstration of the prototype:

I would love to hear some feedback from you.

How do you feel about paid project starters?

I have a really good project starter that's open-source and I have some great ideas to make it a lot better. But it's a lot of work, and I wonder if I... [Read more]

How do you accept payments in your product?

I faced the need to incorporate a company in order to get a Tax ID and then a Stripe account to start charging customers. But it seems like a very long... [Read more]

🍕Anyone knows how to cut 10 slices in 1 pizza?

I found this tutorial video on youtube, but it shows 8 slices

Need advice about starting coding

Hey everyone. My co-founder and I have been developing a product for a while. My partner is CTO and the only one person who's coding everything... [Read more]

Bookmarks Manager Are Stale and Obsolete

There is a need for innovation on this subject. Ideas must be explored to find new solutions and approaches.

Current bookmark managers waste our time and... [Read more]