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From Miss Universe to Indie Hacker with Isis Casalduc

[New article on the blog folks.]( Discuss!
by @sergio

I did an oopsie

There's a new blog post! Ladies and gentlemen, massive apologies for the previous email bomb. Read...
by @sergio

You can Now Schedule Tweets Using Twitter!

![New Tweeet]( Twitter now allows you to schedule tweets easily without a TweetDeck!
by @narrvv

Who is your *ideal* customer? How do you know?

Over the years I've had *amazing* ideas at 2 am and immediately rushed and bought...
by @pradipcloud

What are you building this month? [May 2020]

This is the monthly thread to share your progress and explain the projects you're building! Share...
by @nextstevejob

What are you building this month? [June 2020]

Hey Makerlog, It's June and It's almost Summer! What are you Building or What are You...
by @narrvv

Which is the better dev OS: macOS or Windows (10)

I'm considering switching from mac to windows, but have heard a lot of bad things...
by @bcye

What is the best way to go about testing?

So I have a until now completely untested project, but I'd like to start (unit)...
by @bcye

Looking for beta testers for macOS application - monitor Gitlab CI/CD pipelines

Hey everyone! I'm currently working on **McPiper** - macOS status bar app which monitors CI/CD...
by @gera

@joshmanders Joins The Fundamentals For Our First Issue Now Livw!

Hi Makerlog, I launched 🚀🚀🚀 TheFundamentals issue #1 today, and I'm so happy to Launch...
by @narrvv

🎉 Just Got my First Paid Sub for The Fundamentals 🌟 Gold!

Today, I'm so Happy That I got my Very First Paid Subscipon of $2 Cad...
by @narrvv

The Fundamentals - Newsletter on How to Build a Startup, MVP , etc.

Hey Everyone, I'm Starting my very own newsletter, it's a Newsletter on how to Start A...
by @narrvv

Tips on creating a clickable Twitter link

You can use Markdown syntax. For me, it's like below: `[](` I would be displayed like [](
by @damon

What have you learned this week?

Hi folks, your friendly neighborhood matteing here. What have you learned this week? What have you...
by @sergio

Blogging tool feedback

Hi, I have been using Netlify with Eleventy to have my personal blogs. Lately I...
by @kamban

Feedback about a new newsletter/blog idea🙏

Thinking about starting a weekly newsletter/blog showcasing: 📗Stories about founders and makers who launched their project...
by @nocodebcn

Landing page feedback

I am building [](, which lets you convert your Google Sheet into a Bootstrap themed...
by @kamban

[Ask ML]: Are any of you using cron jobs?

I'm looking into how to do cron jobs well for NextJS apps deployed on **Vercel...
by @dbredvick

Which documentation system do you recommend?

Hey Makerlog, I want (no must :D) to document my software now. Does anyone know good...
by @dehenne

Can I get feedback on our new landing page?

Hey everyone, We just launched a new product called Liteflow and with it, a new...
by @williamzmorgan