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how do you create profit generating products?

With all small IT companies out there, how do you find niche topic, and create profit generating projects?    I transcribed this blog from a video made by the founder of the SaaS startup I work at.    While working on the blog blog, I found this maker community will gain some insights. I sorted out some context so you don't have to read the whole blog.    ## 1. Do not work to compete with players. Partner and create bundles!  There are already some products out there which are solving the problem you are working on. If you want to improve the service, try to collaborate with the maker in your industry, and offer your service, to their already established audience.    ## 2. Avoid Creating parallel products, to help your service.    As indie maker, it is already difficult to manage a since project. Use your energy to re-position your product, and not on creating a whole new full fledge product. Time is your most valuable resource, invest it in things that don't scale.  Create few giveaways, which carters to your target customers, create curiosity and leads them to your product.  There is a fine line between creating giveaway micro-product, and a parallel side-side-project.    I found the above points most relatable to the maker community, you can however read the entire blog using the link below

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