How do you tackle the lack of focus?

At least at some point, we all deal with burnout and lack of motivation when working on routine/non-challenging/boring tasks. But there's one more issue that although not affecting everybody, can be equally frustrating: the lack of focus. You might label it as poor organization and dismiss it, but there's more to it than that.    True, I'm not the best at organizing, but I usually micromanage, divide bigger tasks into multiple smaller ones, and in the end the job gets done. My current process works for me, but I cannot help to wonder if I'd be more efficient (or less burnout) sticking to the initial plan rather than additionally drifting off to X other things in the meantime.    The problem is my mind has some background processes of its own, it's like a jukebox randomly and forcibly playing stuff. I get ideas (and not necessarily for the project I'm working on at that time), or I remember some problem I encountered some time ago, or I just open a related file, see other issues or improvements etc. And no, I don't just create tasks or reminders for them, I just feel compelled to fix them right then. Otherwise the universe would implode. Sometimes the chain of additional work gets out of control, and I forget where I started from. That's when it really drives me bananas...    So, have you ever dealt with this? What did you find helpful in moments like these?

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