Indie freemium — what is your stance on that?

If an indie app/website/service etc you regularly use has paid features that you find useful, do you pay for them? Provided pricing is reasonable, of course.    This question was triggered by my constant disappointment to see fellow makers saying $0.5-$5/month are deal-breakers for a free-to-use product with useful (but optional) paid extra perks.    I mean we all gladly contribute to the community, but let's not forget we all have bills to pay and in the end projects should be sustainable. When did we start forgetting that goes for any project, not just our own? Aren't we suppose to better understand how things are and be the first to support each other in making good things?    ---  Later edit for clarification: "Indie" in the thread title strictly refers to the maker(s) of the product, not the targeted customer base.

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