Another Domain/Project or going with existing one ?

Some of you may know my project.  I have now around 6k unique visitors per month, which is >95% candidates traffic. This is an important step and half of the chicken/egg problem solved. Now it's about the other half.  To attract recruiters I always planned to have some features, which are going on top of what all the other 100s of Niche job boards are offering. So recruiters should get tools to administrate the job posts, engage with candidates and doing marketing for them self as recruiters or recruiting company.    Now... a Full-Stack Developer comes on my board because it's exactly about his Job Position he is looking for. Good.  A Recruiter will post a Full-Stack Developer Position on my board, as it will attract exactly this group of dev's. Good.    But those mentioned tools a recruiter (IMHO) want's to use for all his recruitment processes (if it's more then just posting a job position). So not just Full-Stack Developer, but at least all other kinds of tech/it/developer jobs he has to hire during his work.  So this brings me to the question..... I think I should go with a new (from marketing point of view) project, landing page etc, talking to Tech Recruiters, where I sell the tools. of course, I can then do side marketing from Niche Board I have now (others are planned to follow).  IMHO it will resolve a bunch of problems I would have with integrating it in  - SEO. It's already kind of impossible to attract on the same page the chickens and eggs.  - SEO. See above (just to say, that I see it as the main point)  - A bigger amount of possible customers. But for sure I will limit it to IT Recruiters, with some specific feature flavors for them.    The backside of this:  - some more work, another marketing work to be done. but that needs anyway somehow tbd and probably it's easier separated way proposed above.  - Codebase or will go in different directions or somehow complex on top of existing one... need to think more.    Your thoughts are warmly welcome :-)  Thanks, Gracias, Danke, Hvala, Obrigado  Stefan

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