The one thing that has always bothered me about Makerlog

Alright I think I have finally pinned down the one thing that has bothered me about Makerlog.    It took me a while to figure it out, but I felt like I was doing a good job of checking in everyday and I WAS. But the way that I guess Makerlog works is probably off of UTC time. So under that time zone you have to get something done everyday. And I get that!    We are all distributed amongst time zones all around the world not to mention what if someone changes time zones. Sounds like a pain.    The one thing that I would change about Makerlog is to put a timer at the top if you haven't logged anything that day. It builds an understanding that you haven't done anything yet, it builds a sense of urgency.    Adding this in would be pretty easy (I think). Here is my thought process.      if(todaysAccomplishments.length === 0){   // display countdown to 12:00am UTC  }

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