What are your favorite tips/tricks/tools for SEO or Keyword Research?

I'll go first. This are some of the notes I've collected.    # BLOGS    Ferruccio's Blog "Everything I've learned in 10 years of blogging" -    The Simple Guide to Content Driven SEO -    TL;DR    1. Create lots of content  2. Basic keyword research  3. Craft a shit hot post  4. Do basic on page SEO  5. Build your social presence    How founders can write a quality blog post in 1 hour (Baremetrics) -    Promote Your Article Like A Product" by Matt Lo -    TL;DR    A key strategy in it -    1 idea should yield 3 articles. First, two should ignite conversations. The third article is your high quality, highly relevant content      What I've learned about writing viral blog posts for the tech community by Kapwing -    Press Stunts by Kapwing -    Pump out daily content like Flavio Copes -    Growth Hack List by Tobias Hikari -    I launched a product that received media attention — here's what I learned by Corey Gwin -    Baclinko Blog is Gold -    Jordan O'Connor has some great tips about SAAS -    # TOOLS    Neil Patel's Uber Suggest -    Google Keyword Planner -    # CHROME EXTENSIONS    SEOQuake -    SEO Minion -    Keywords Everywhere -    What are your tricks/tips/tools you've found helpful?

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