Which Habits app do you use? What do you like about it & what do you hate?

I am thinking of making an app in 3 days for Flutter Competition & a habits app would be a perfect use case because I need it myself & it would be a great way to learn Flutter.    Some of my favorite habit apps are    Streaks - Amazing UI/UX    Super Habits - Love Github contributions graph & UI    HabitHub - Habit and Goal Tracker    Habit Bull - Daily Goal Tracker    Done : A Simple Habit Tracker - Very clean UI    Productive - Habit Tracker - Awesome Dark UI    Remente - Android & iOS    Fabulous -    Habitica - Gamification of Habits    Habitify - Clean UI    All of the above apps have amazing UI, beautiful graphs & awesome UX.    My current MVP -    - Github-like contribution graph  - Light & Dark Theme  - Scheduled Habit reminders (multiple-times a day habits with colorful blocks)  - Beautiful Graphs  - Motivational Quotes  - Smooth animations  - Customizable Reminders  - Build or Quit Habit?  - Journal with Habit?    Is there anything you miss in a habits app?    Update: I'll have to make something else because Flutter's 5KB competition means ~200 LOCs but do answer it because I'll be making an amazing streaks app soon :)

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