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Feedback Request!

Hey guys!  I am Gleb, CEO and founder at Gossip, super excited to be here!  Would love to get your feedback on what I am working on right now:    - Product is called Gossip: Short Voice Stories!( )  - It allows users to create and share voice stories that expire every 7 days. Because who want's to listen to the old stuff?  - We strongly believe in voice being one of the most important parts of human communication. Our mission at Gossip is to give people a fast, fun and engaging way to share their stories, ideas and emotions thru voice.  - Fully remote team (US, Europe, Russia).  - We are at 500 MAU and growing, last month we had over 10,000 unique gossip plays!    I'd love all of you to check out the app - our team appreciates any feedback! I am happy to talk with all of you - shoot me an email at

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