A story about a successful launch of a digital startup — 10 000 young users in Sweden

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Hi, Makerlog!    Today, I would like to share with you the story. And this story will be especially useful now, during the crisis, when it is necessary to reduce various costs and solve the dilemmas of expensive hiring.    Our task was as follows: to create a more Scalable Version of product asap without hiring in-house specialists, saving resources for a business development, but with a focus on strong architecture and designs to engage more students.    We have created a mobile application for students and consultants and a web application for school principals, which provides more effective communication between tutors (teachers/school managers) and students.    So I prepared case. In this article we want to talk about:    The idea of the product and the detection of problems of potential consumers.  Difficulties in the development of a telehealth startup and ways to solve them.  The development process.    Read Here: REDACTED

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