Feature Friday!

Ok, this is something that I dropped into the slack and walked away from but got thinking about.

Why don't we start a Feature Friday, Share a different feature in your product. Drop a bit of describing the feature and a link.

It doesn't have to be a feature you built this week, it could be a feature you built a month, a year ago. Building in public isn't just about what you do now but also what you have been doing.

I'll have a word with the makerlog mafia, see if we can get some twitter juice onto these features.

James Kenny Author

I'll drop in first,

Audience has an MJML Editor, MJML is a great way to craft email newsletters. with the editor in Audience, it makes it easier for me to build really rich emails. Instead of struggling with the HTML and tables. Audience does all the work and then converts the MJML into HTML.


Josh Manders Staff

I love this idea. It is supported by the mafia!

Pradip Khakhar

Great idea, James. Need to get back into the shipping mode.


actually really good idea


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