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Visualizing a Face Mesh from the Back

I am trying to visualize an AR Face Mesh (produced by the true depth iPhone X camera) from behind. The user also needs to know that they are seeing the face mesh from the BACK. It’s easy enough to throw the native Wire Frame mesh up, but when I do it there is this weird optical illusion where my brain thinks it is looking at the front of the face again. Then as the camera pans or pivots, my brain can’t really tell what’s happening as the face-mesh appears to rotate opposite to the direction that the camera is moving. This is because my brain thinks I am seeing the front of the facemesh, but I am actually seeing the back. I have attached a video of the optical illusion.    Link to video showing the issue:    Anyone have any ideas on how to clearly visualize a face mesh from the back without confusing my brain?

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