How many of you listen to podcasts and when do you listen to them?

#Do you listen to podcasts? Then I NEED YOU!    I've had a new idea for a passion project and I'd like to know how many of you listen to podcasts and if so what kind you listen to and also what you look for when trying to find new podcasts.    If you could answer the following questions it would be much appreciated. Also feel free to add answers to questions I didn't ask or anything else you wish to share.    1. How often do you listen to podcasts? (daily, weekly etc)  2. Typically what are you doing when listening to a podcast? (working, walking, running etc)  3. What subjects/genres interest you when choosing a podcast?  4. Is production value or genuine passion/interest more important when choosing a podcast to subscribe to?  5. Which podcasts would you recommend to me and why?    Thank you in advance for your responses.

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