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A call to all Makerloggers!

Good day, Makers!    Today I am officially posting on the discussions about the future of Makerlog. As some of you know I have acquired Makerlog back in April and have since started rebuilding from the ground up and I want your feedback and input as this is as much your community as it is mine.    I have put together a roadmap which has features that already exist that will be carried over to the new system as well as new features I feel are going to be good for the community. But I want you to tell me what you want to see, or anything you have been hoping would become part of Makerlog.    Here's the repository for the roadmap that gives details about the roadmap:    And here's the actual roadmap itself, also linked in the repo:    There is also a discussions tab in the roadmap repo for anyone to give input or feedback, you're also encouraged to reply to the issues about features that are being explored or implemented.    Discussions:    Also if you don't want to discuss them on GitHub but here, you're more than welcome to reply here with anything you feel you want to say/suggest.    Thank you for your time and for being apart of this wonderful community.    - Josh

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