NOTICE:Makerlog Next and the future of the community.Read more.

Makerlog Next and the future of the community.

Good morning, makers! ☕️    Last week on the official Twitter account we announced the relaunch of Makerlog on Halloween .    Today I am writing this official post to talk about what is going to happen and let the community weigh in and discuss stuff. So lets get right down to it.    We are rebuilding the platform and community from the ground up to reimagine and set us up for our future. The goals of Makerlog are slightly changing but staying within the original goals set out by Makerlog's creator Sergio.    The launch will happen in stages. On October 31st, a new app will be available, all users will be sent an email notifying them of how they can access and login to the new system. This system will be very bare bones, an MVP you could say. Our goal is to iterate quickly and add more features as we go, but if we don't get an MVP out well, we'll never launch.    During that time though this existing system WILL exist, and you can continue using it over the new system. However none of your stuff will translate over to the new system until you go through the onboarding of the new system.    After we've iterated a few times and feel comfortable with the switch, the legacy API will go into read-only mode for importing reasons only. The new system will be the only thing you can use.    Some stuff will break and some of you will get upset by that and I apologize, it's only temporary. Existing features if we decide to keep them WILL come back in time.    Notably what I see as the biggest issue is people using github integration. This integration in the new system has been deemed low priority due to the fact that it just floods the platform and peoples feeds with low quality tasks, which we've identified as something we want to avoid.    That also means that streaks will be disappearing. We have plans for an alternative in a karma/point system and leaderboard if you want to be competitive. You can read more about what we plan and have accepted on the Roadmap .    Feel free to comment or ask questions, I will do my best to address anything I can.

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