Update on Makerlog(NEXT) Progress

Good morning, makers! ☕️

As you know today is November 1st, and on x.com we announced public beta of Makerlog(NEXT) happening on Halloween.

Sadly at the last moment I pulled the soft launch of beta out of execution because I had a realization that what I was planning on doing would be a complete catastrophe and could effectively kill the community.

So today I am updating you on what's going on and our next steps.

Makerlog(NEXT) is available, but it is locked down to be invite only to stop anyone from signing up. This is because I don't want anyone to use it who isn't aware and fully understands that on any given day, your account could be completely blown away from latest changes.

This is because previously we intended to launch the MVP and let you sign up and use the new version at your will, while in tandem leaving current legacy version up. Then we planned to introduce tools to allow you to import your data from legacy into the new system or just start fresh.

In the end I deemed this could be a catastrophe because it adds friction. People aren't going to want to wade through all their old content and import it piece by piece.

So you can go visit the new site and see what it looks like and read things that are on it, but I've halted the ability to sign up, effectively putting it into read only mode.

In the meantime I am fleshing out the new system a bit more to be more aligned with the existing system on feature parity. Then when we're ready to launch we will have all of existing legacy data imported and transformed to the new system and you'll be able to request a password reset and sign into your account on the new system and continue where you left off.

Sorry if you were hyped to try the new system, and I promise you we're very close.

As of writing this the plan is for, Legacy will go offline on January 1st, 2024 and only Next will be available

Checkout Makerlog(NEXT) here: https://next.getmakerlog.com

As always my friends, I'm available for any questions and concerns.

Thank you, Josh

Fajar Siddiq


Szabo Istvan

Looking forward! 🔥


It looks great! I've been away for a while but I'm excited for what's next :)

Manish Saraan

Eagerly waiting for it

Joshua Berrios 🇵🇷

Excited to use the new version of Makerlog. It has been a long time since I have been on here. Also this comment was made through the BETA of the new version of Makerlog.

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