Examples of great design for highly personalized webpages?

Hey everyone, does anyone have examples of great design for personalized webpages?    We use them for:   Pre-purchase pages "Hi X, ... your results are ... next 24h you get X% off if you buy now"   Personalized outreach/pitches "Hi X, ... your business, your style, your recent work, ... submit form to work with us".  * To thank someone for purchasing, and guiding our client to success "Hi X, you bought ... to get the most out of it: ... Questions? We're here for you ...".    Simply put, it's a webpage that tells a story, with its content deeply personalized to the reader, and with the intent to guide the customer through the next step to success.    Any designs à la "Thank You!", "Your free personalized report", "We couldn't wait to start working w/ you, so here are already a few teasers", ... are also welcome. They share the same spirit.

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