Welcome new Makerloggers!

There's been an influx of quite a few new loggers. Welcome home!  Here's a few great resources to aid you on your journey in the maker world :)    1. Makerlog Twitter - We love sharing your achievements and seeing your progress! Follow for a daily feed of inspiration. 💪  2. Telegram Chat - your one stop shop for friendliness and maker help! Ask questions, share your achievements, and log from the groupchat. 🎉  3. Makerlog Integrations - Makerlog works with a bunch of apps and has an open API. Feel free to make your workflow unique! 🎧  4. Cowork - Have a secret project, team log, or just want your own private space? Cowork is your own, private Makerlog. 🔥    Feel free to post any other resources for new users below!

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