Freelancing full stack developer

Set up Grafana dashboard and alerting for Redis time-series data

Handle production outage

Caused by a missing cache invalidation from a library being used (introduced in patch version upgrade)

Add Checkly tests

We use checklyhq for API tests and I added some snippets to authorize as free/paid user and checks for endpoints

Write additional tests for PR

I'm way too spoiled from working in the JVM environment and how good testing/mocking stubbing is compared to plain JS - really need to get used to this

Continue PR for second freelancing gig and iterate on requirements

Send out invoice to an Indian company for a survey

Registered at Stripe, put in all my contact data and added my VAT ID as a default Tax Id so it appears on the invoice. Used Reverse Charge so the Indian company needs to worry about their taxes. Created an invoice via Stripe and sent it to the company so they can pay online. Hopefully did everything right... will see next month when talking to my tax consultant :D

Interview for an additional client

I am already booked out up to 40 hours per week with my first client, but the product and founder was too interesting not to reach out. I offered to do 4-6 hours per week (I'll either cut the hours at the other client or do that on top, as a freelancer I can decide that on my own 🚀)