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Prep Friday's Growth Gym

Working on improving how I run the Growth Gym. Today's session is on my July marketing experiments

Host first Growth Gym

Weekly livestream I'm trying out in July on YouTube and LinkedIn

Goal achieved: 5 members for June/July launch of

Previous update where we were at 1/5:
4 new members
1 returning member

Coming up with a new livestream idea that allows people to get a taste of

Lex Roman Author

This event is fully formed for its first test!


Wrap up June launch

- Finished all calls and open houses
- Awaiting final membership count for this round (projected to be 5)

Growthtrackers Launch Week: Complete four 1:1 calls with interested members

🎯 5 new members

Experiment recap: Week ending July 1

πŸ““*Context:* I run a membership called Growthtrackers and I did a live launch this week (doors opened Monday and closed Friday). I have done 3 launches which have all resulted in at least 5 new members. This launch went the worst.

🎯*Goal:* Get 5 new members
πŸ“Š*Achieved:* 1 new member

[LOST] Experiment 1: Running a challenge -> sell membership
- Channel: Referrals from members and affiliates AND Growthtrackers waitlist
- Audience: Referrals of members and affiliates
- Message: Try out Growthtrackers with a sales challenge week and learn how to close more sales
- Results: 7 people paid for challenge, 1 became member
- Why: The challenge was both too much value and also did not highlight the value of the program. Participants left with value but lack of clarity on how Growthtrackers would build on that.

[INCONCLUSIVE] Experiment 2: Book 1:1s with interested members
- Channel: Waitlist and DM conversations
- Audience: Interested prospective members from waitlist or those who DM me
- Message: Book a 1:1 to share your goals and learn whether or not GT can help
- Results: 2 - 1:1s booked, not yet held
- Why: My assumption is that more people did not book because they thought it was too much pressure/would feel pressure to buy. This is my assumption bc of experiment 3

[WON] Experiment 3: Open Houses for interested members
- Channel: Waitlist, DM conversations, Instagram stories
- Audience: Interested prospective members from waitlist or those who DM me
- Message: Come to an open house to learn about Growthtrackers
- Results: 3 registrants, 2 attendees, no member conversions
- Why: People felt no pressure with "open house" language. I have held these in the past with many more attendees (10-20) and they have converted to members in the past. I announced them late/promoted them alongside other CTAs so I didn't get the reg count. The people who attended were "buy ready" but were probably not great fits for what Growthtrackers offers. Win is the open house model.

[LOST] Experiment 4: Launch email sequence
- Channel: Email
- Audience: Waitlist plus anyone who attended a webinar or bought low cost in last couple months (about 100 subs)
- Email 1: "Growthtrackers find new clients's how! 🚀" [60% open, 5%CTR]
- Email 2: "Most marketing programs say "results not typical" but not Growthtrackers" [57% open, 6% CTR]
- Email 3: "Are you using fast or slow marketing plays?" [55% open, 2% CTR]
- Email 4: "The results you can expect from Growthtrackers πŸ’Ž" [58% open, 8% CTR] (sent to most active subs from Emails 1-3, around 36 subs)
- Email 5: "Last call! Doors close tonight" [54% open, 0% CTR]
- Why: Honestly, no idea. Many of these emails have worked in the past. BUT they were always paired with a live event. Since I did the challenge, I didn't have time to prep another event or advertise the open houses much so that could have been the miss here.

[WON] Experiment 5: Facebook ads
- Channel: Facebook ads
- Audience: US based, 30-55yr old, creative entrepreneurs, excluding anyone who's bought anything from me
- Message: I ran several ads. Most popular "Followers vs buyers" video, second most popular "Stop waiting on clients" video, nothing else was really served because those two were so well performing
- Results: Highest performing video got 10k+ impressions, 7.4k reach, 952 clicks (0.16 cost per click)- total spend $152
Second best performing got 1.2k impressions, 1.1k reach, 34 clicks (0.45 cost per click) - total spend $15
Second best performing went into a lead campaign and I got 6 DMs from that, no conversions beyond that
- Why: So I'm calling this a win because these are my best performing traffic ads by a longshot. They didn't map that well to Growthtrackers/were too early for these folks to convert but they drove over 200 unique visits to the landing page. Will re-run with more thoughtful pathways.

Growthtrackers Launch Week: Host 2 open houses

🎯 5 new members

Growthtrackers Launch Week: Send at least 4 emails to the waitlist and adjacent segments

🎯 5 new members

Growthtrackers Launch Week: Follow up with everyone who clicks through or shares interest 1:1

🎯 5 new members
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