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Fixed a bug in blog post retrieval

I am querying Supabase to see if blog posts already exists. If the query and thus the URL gets too large, an error occurs. Fixed by chunking the blog posts and not checking too many posts at once.

Books, courses and topics now have their own page for searching and a menu item. This is a dead-simple search for now as there's too little data yet.

Books and courses now show related books/courses, buy links and related topics on - Also reworked courses/books layout.

Add automatic parsing for egghead courses

This will allow me to add egghead courses way faster (just paste in the URL)

Add automatic parsing for Udemy courses

This will allow me to add Udemy courses way faster (just paste in the URL)

Fix newsletter signup

When migrating to Nuxt I changed the direct usage of ky (HTTP client) to @nuxt/http which also uses ky but a bit differently. This messed up my JSON request body. Luckily someone reported this on Twitter 🤞

Host on render.com

After hustling with Vercel serverless functions and node-gyp, I decided to rather pay $7 a month and be carefree

Migrate to Nuxt

Allows me to move some functionality out of Firebase and properly use SEO and meta tags
Tyler Shukert

What was the tech stack before?

Kevin Author

Vite + Vue 3 + Tailwind + Firebase + Supabase (mostly the same, expect for Nuxt+Vue2 for now until Nuxt 3 is released)


Moved filtering for popular tweets to the V1 API until V2 adds the ability to filter by likes/replies. Greatly reducing quota usage.

Used up the quota of 500.000 tweets in 14 days prior to that (whoops)

Improved the retrieval of Tweets

Retrieve tweets from official accounts that don't specifically mention the topic also get fetched. I.e. Supabase posting something with a decent amount of interactions without specifically mentioning Supabase.