James Kenny

FullStack developer, Building things

Audience V2 new login screen

I am going fully retro for the new login screen of Audience, who needs CSS! πŸ˜€

Planning out some new posts

I got some new ideas for posts; it's been a while since I posted. I'm thinking a series on DB performance might be fun to go into some detail on.

Working on the layout of the photo page

I worked on my photography site's photo page, adding the details, ISO, f-stop, and exposure time.

I tweaked the layout so it fits the image better on different screens.

Review the editor

A little review this morning, to lock into what I want to have in the V1 of the new editor.

This is about creating a good base and foundation for what I want to build on later.

Image support

Adding image support into the editor, you can now add columns and add the image to some, text in others.


I've been slacking off on this but a bit more work on the editor. Getting some steps for the flow on adding blocks to the email.

Email Editor

I am adding in the some of the email structure parts, creating 1, 2, 3,4 columns to the email.

Image widget

Drop an image onto the email in the editor, got the basic upload and adding it onto the email working, still some interesting plans for this one.

Text widget

The first widget is for adding text to the email editor.

design work

Working on the design for adding columns and containers to the email in the new editor

Building out the widget menu

Working on some of the UI for the editor, around the widget menu.

I'm still playing around with some colour schemes and changes there.

Fix broken builds

It's been one of those issues I kept putting off until I really couldn't move it any more on the calendar.

Move dates, the greatest calendar feature πŸ˜€

New feature deployed

Well, no one has screamed so it must have worked ok. πŸ˜€

Planning the week ahead

Might be a day late but still doing some planning before I try some of this work stuff.