Jason Leow

Indie hacker, solopreneur | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services.

Sent out final round of confirmations to schedule research sessions with selected respondents #outsprint

Just got +$9 MRR increase due to annual subscription! New MRR: $137/m. Thanks @ phaidenbauer for the support! #lifelog

Day 1149 - Busy busy busy - https://golifelog.com/posts/busy-busy-busy-1708642502536 #lifelog


what kind of workshops are you running? Congrats on securing those though it diverts the focus from your own products.


Preparation and mental rehearsal for virtual workshop tomorrow #outsprint

Tweaked copy on hero section some more and meta tags - I think I'm good with it for now... until I figure out customers and positioning

Day 1148 - Horse for sale - https://golifelog.com/posts/horse-for-sale-1708570224540

Day 1147 - Product purity - https://golifelog.com/posts/product-purity-1708466659503

Not went this viral in a loooong time - https://x.com/jasonleowsg/status/1759547251657970136

Day 1146 - Once - https://golifelog.com/posts/once-1708378481657

Fajar Siddiq

Love the write up


Hello, World! First log on new Makerlog

Fajar Siddiq

How was it for you?

Jason Leow Author

Not great but hope more improvements will come


Added more copy under About section to share more of why I made it, to signal to folks like me

Video interview for service designer job - FIRST interview in AGES.. maybe 10 years!

Day 1145 - Lists Kit reset - https://golifelog.com/posts/lists-kit-reset-1708311622413

Sent out first draft of 11/15 respondents to client, for user recruitment gig