Resource Kits for Digital Product Makers

Grouped resources by the stages of product development

Instead of listing the latest resources on the homepage, I organized resources by the stages of product development. This way, someone new to the product development can generally consume resources from top to bottom in order.

I made the decision to update the homepage layout after showing resources to people I talk to and realized that it's hard for people to navigate through a list of resources without guidance.

If you use, please send me feedback!

Added Buy Me a Coffee Button

Since Makerlog has integration to Buy Me a Coffee, I created an account and added the button on the website. Not that I'm expecting anybody to buy me a coffee but it hopefully shows that I endorse platforms that support makers.

Added Makerlog website link to MakerKits

I’m getting excited to build in public on Makerlog, thus added Makerlog as a maker resource and also linked to the product page.

New Maker Resources

Since I launched the app last week, I've been adding maker resources on a regular basis. Today I added a few ebooks and articles that help makers like you.
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