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[29.07.21] Instant creating video/animated content for e-commerce in the own style

Content creation as a way to find ideas for posting on social media and blogs is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs and marketers. You can come up with a small number of really awesome things, but making them on a permanent basis is a very difficult task. But what if the task arises of creating not one, but several product cards in the same style?

What is the solution?

Here a simple thought immediately comes to mind - why not just make a template and just load individual elements and get high-quality content at the output. However, those who tried to follow this path met with some problems:

  • the post looks terrible when loading other elements;
  • you cannot edit an existing template;
  • each time to finalize the loaded elements when editing.

As a result, it turns out that the time spent on creating your own post does not greatly outperform the template one if we need to edit it in one way or another for each position of the directory.

What Pixiko offers?

After the release of ready-made solutions in the form of templates, we decided to delve into this topic and create a whole catalog in the form of industry solutions for each business segment. And we started with the most popular topic - e-commerce and online sales . Here you will find fully customizable video templates with elements of automatic adaptation of the content uploaded by the user.

What are the common template problems you may encounter and how do we solve them?

  1. You cannot customize any elements and timelines Pixiko: Our solutions allow you to change, customize templates absolutely for your tasks. It is good practice to borrow techniques from different templates to get new quality content.

  2. Monotonous templates, I see them from my competitors Pixiko: This is absolute taste. Creating truly original content is a very creative and costly story. We discuss quick and everyday tasks that we can solve.

  3. Badly design Pixiko: We offer a large number of templates, which is only growing every day. Therefore, you can choose truly worthy templates for yourself.

  4. For different formats (vertical, horizontal, square) templates lose their identity Pixiko: Creating a single adaptive template is a very labor-intensive task, so we first of all create the most popular formats, and then we scale.

  5. Low engagement Pixiko: If you compare static content with animation, then the choice will be obvious not in favor of simple images. Therefore, we offer just video templates, which, according to statistics, have a lot of involvement and contribute to more variability of content for your account.

  6. And if I have a thousand products, how can I use the template Pixiko: We have a separate solution for this kind of problem, so you can contact us by mail. An entrepreneur sends his materials and we, using our template editor, create hundreds of content variations that he can immediately use on his website or in postponed posts of social networks.

I hope you will try and appreciate our new product. And we will be back soon with new updates on our service, despite the hot summer days 😄

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