🏆 Milestone #87 ·

Audiograms for Metronome podcast landing pages!

Today I rolled out Audiogram creation capabilities for Metronome podcast landing pages! It automatically pulls the audio from any of the podcast's published episode, and creates short, bite-sized videos that the podcaster can share on social media to promote their show.

Some lessons learnt along the way:

1. Stop comparing. Audiograms are not a new thing. Many podcast hosts already have them, and there's many standalone sites that let you create these. There was a BIG temptation to keep building the feature, until it was comparable to what others are offering.

But at some point, reality kicked in -- that I've got to be really convinced audiograms were something my customers truly needed, and not what they wanted.

2. Don't get caught up in the tech. Any developer can easily get sucked into a cycle where you're tweaking code and adding improvements. And looking at what everyone else is doing, and trying to see if you can incorporate that tech into yours.

I narrowly avoided doing a major rewrite of my code, because of some Github project that already had provided audiogram capabilities, but used a completely different tech stack.

The future Metronome's audiogram feature is still at MVP-level in terms of maturity - but it's enough to let me validate with customers whether or not this is something that's going to be really helpful for them.

There's a short article that describes the major features, and how it works. Do have a read!

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