Bryce Rohrer

I'm a Junior at Ohio University studying Computer Science and a Maker.


🏆 Milestone #85 ·

Created my first ever Chrome Extension!

See it in action ->Here

I have been working through The Odin Project for a few weeks now. I am more educated in back-end development and through school projects and such learned a lot about computer science, but never really had the drive to make anything outside of class. I have decided to change that recently and been working on the web stack. I figured I should make a project while working through it so I made a chrome extension, something I have been wanting to do for a few months now!

I enjoy to listen to Synthwave music while I code, it gets me in the zone. But finding Synthwave music is repetitive. I have to go to YouTube, find a playlist I enjoy, and hide the tab somewhere in my workspace. Now my Chrome Extension does exactly that!

This is a big accomplishment, although small. I have never made anything I personally will use, and I'm quite proud of this, more proud of this than the AVL Tree I made for class last week, even though it was much more recursion and complicated :).


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