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🏆 Milestone #241 ·

Geeks UI 2.1.0

Well I can’t say we were really planning on it but over the last few weeks we’ve been having a ton of fun dumping new and exciting features into Geeks UI and now feels like the right time to cut a release, so here it is. Geeks Academy Admin Template All pages and Landing page is developed with latest bootstrap 5.

##Here are the highlights:

  • Added - Landing Page Demo
  • Added - Task Page Design Kanban Board View
  • Added - DataTables (Bootstrap DataTables)
  • Added - Table Component Page - Bootstrap Table
  • Improved - Table structure.
  • Added New Snippets. (Hero, features, and testimonial)
  • Smooth shadow added in Docs.
  • Updated Dependencies.
  • Updated Bootstrap 5.0.1
  • All features are updated in RTL too.
  • New Components - Simple Header & Footer

View demo Geeks Bootstrap 5


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