🏆 Milestone #89 ·

I've pivoted to Freemium and released a 1000 makers DB for free (projects, topics they talk about in Twitter, stats...)

I'm working on makers-db.com, a search engine to discover makers / indie hackers. Right now I've created a full database of 6000+ makers containing information about products they've built, twitter stats and topics they talk about in Twitter (programming, fron-end, no code, crypto, AI/ML, SaaS, Marketing, Ecom, Build In Public...). I've built a freemium product releasing for free 1000 out of ~6200 makers. You can also see the 5 fastest growing accounts for free.

I hope this is useful to you in case you're looking for inspiration, learning new things or investing in the next big thing. I'm working on enriching the database and also in other products such as indie trends analysis.

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