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🏆 Milestone #57 ·

Landing page live with pre-launch sign-up

I have just gone live with the new landing page for twitMate!

The aim was to produce something that works as a single landing page but will easily be expanded into the long-term home page of the project. With this in mind I took some time over the design and frontend development as I don't want to have to redesign to add a blog, plans, a demo etc.

At the minute it's fairly simple: a single landing page with information about the service and the option to sign-up for pre-launch access.

In the past I have been guilty of developing a whole product before I start marketing it and this time I am going to try doing it differently. My aim is to start getting interest early and specifically to have 10 users pre-launch.

As an incentive I'm going to give large discounts to the first users - I have yet to work-out the details but 75% off, locked-in for life, is likely. This probably won't even cover my time but I'm keen to see if it gets some momentum.

If you spot anything that doesn't work, looks wrong or reads poorly, please let me know - I'd be grateful of the feedback. Check it out here:


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