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I'm an artificial intelligence enthusiast with a software engineering background. I want to help other people staying motivated and learning things :)


๐Ÿ† Milestone #275 ยท

๐ŸŽ‰ Landing published

๐Ÿ‘‹ Hello everybody, Iโ€™m Fabio, maker of EBLA! This is my first milestone posted on Makerlog, therefore I want to briefly present the product goals and describe its building details.

EBLA is a gamified productivity platform where users level up in 400+ topics by reading online articles from around the web. Users can see their learning statistics and unlock perks as they progress through the levels. Future plans by now are to make EBLA the friendliest place for communities made by people who read about similar topics.

Here is the landing:

โš™๏ธ EBLA is made of the following pieces:

  • Landing: SSR website with Quasar, Vue, NodeJS;
  • Frontend: SPA website with Quasar, Vue, NodeJS;
  • Backend: orchestrates all the communications between the frontend and the other services, built with ExpressJS and NodeJS;
  • Article Extractor: extracts and parses articles from urls, built with Python, FastAPI and several article extraction libraries and heuristics;
  • Skills Predictor: predicts topics from the texts of the articles, built with Python, FastAPI, Sklearn;
  • Browser extension: BEX made with Quasar, Vue, NodeJS;
  • API docs: Swagger;
  • DB: Google Cloud Platform (Firestore);
  • Unstructured storage: Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Storage);
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Run), Docker;
  • Code collaboration, version control, repository management: GitHub;
  • CI/CD: Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Build) and GitHub;
  • Blog: built with Ghost and deployed with Netlify as a static site;
  • Payment processor: Stripe;
  • Email management: SendGrid;
  • Domain provider: Namecheap;
  • Website analytics: Google Analytics and Google Data Studio;
  • Compliance: Iubenda and Termly.

๐Ÿ“ฃ My next marketing efforts will be in:

  • Building an audience by publishing articles about productivity on EBLA blog and cross-posting them on Medium, Instagram and Reddit;
  • Prepare for launch on ProductHunt and BetaList;
  • Publish as an open startup on open startups repositories.

See you at the next update ๐Ÿ˜„


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