🏆 Milestone #39 ·

Launch Nullitics open-source version


The free, lightweight, open-source web analytics with zero dependencies is here! The core repo is published to GitHub and allows you to run your own "tracking pixel" instances for your websites, or embed it as a library. Already served ~200K requests to my websites in the past few weeks.

I used Go as the main language for Nullitics, and never regretted it. I have chosen plain text files as a data format. With all the hot trendy tech available on the market this might be a strange choice, but I picked simplicity and control over hype and occasional performance. Boring tech rules!

I was questioning myself if it makes sense to publish Nullitics on Github (as this is a commercial product as well). I believe I did the right thing.

Currently it's very young, never publish on Reddit or HN, but still got a few stars from a few users.

I am very excited what will happen next. I hope the dominance of Google Analytics is going to be shaken by Nullitics and many other alternatives.

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