🏆 Milestone #124 ·

Launched a 30-day trial plan

Spent the last three weeks building out the codebase for a 30-day trial plan for Metronome. It’s been a tough slog, due to IRL stuff that also needed to be done.

One of the bigger parts of this is the automated landing page builder. During signup, the user only has to supply a podcast RSS feed URL. The web-based signup process then triggers a bunch of batch scripts to run asynchronously to piece together the landing page.

All this is happening while the user goes through onboarding; by the time onboarding completes the landing page is ready.

Some lessons learnt:

You’ll never run away from doubting yourself Being part of the maker community and build in public movement is a great thing - you pick up new insights and viewpoints to help you progress. But there will come a time when all the advice you come across starts to cloud your own judgement. For every advice you come across on Twitter there will be a counter-argument you find elsewhere.

When that happens, and you start to doubt yourself, don’t panic. That feeling will pass. Just keep your head down and remember your objective. It’s also helpful to remember there’s no wrong course of action. You either succeed, or you learn to do it better next time.

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