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🏆 Milestone #126 ·

love to get some honest feedback on the idea

It was one months back we first discussed about a concept where we can turn our social media conversations, reviews and other data to social proof and manage it from one place.

On the first shot we thought it was great to start, but we need some validation and decided to take a domain create a landing page. We took and created a once screen with a heading and some text that explain what the concept is. We created a CTA with join waitlist button. Surprisingly with a twitter account having less than 200 followers we were able to get 10 subscribers for our early adopter program with in week.

After seeing this we decided to pursue with the idea and now planning to launch the platform by August. What is the idea? To connect Twitter, Facebook, google and other reviews sites like TP to fetch reviews, twitter mentions and Facebook recommendations and allow users to manage it and embed it anywhere using a code snippet. It also have a feature for requesting testimonials. You don't need to manually manage testimonials or recommendations on your site, you can add new reviews and recommendations from our application and it will automatically update in your website where it is embedded.

We would like to get a honest feedback from friends here. You can check our landing page at

Happy making and cheers!


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