🏆 Milestone #251 ·

Pivoted, created a brand new product.

I've launched a brand new database that indiemakers can use to find users from from 570+ Acquisition Channels in 100+ Startup Submission Directories, 130+ Guest Posting Blogs and 335+ Online Communities to engage.

What it does:

It helps founders find their Startups first users across 570+ Acquisition Channels. Its a filterable database of hundreds of online places to create brand awareness, gain traction & grow instantly. No need to spend hundreds of hours formulating a launch strategy anymore.

Why I made it:

I focused on feedback about my previous 1000+ Communities database from users and audiences I spoke to in communities This has led me to launch a new but similar database in https://communitable.xyz/#makers which caters exclusively to indemakers, founders and bootstrappers launching their products.

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