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Ditch turbo repo in monorepos with a custom runner

Too many damn issues, Vercel is been annoying lately too so the less of their stuff I use, the better.

Start the registration process for NiftyCo LLC (IA)

Why the move? Isn't it beneficial for tax reasons in delaware?

Josh Manders Author Staff

If you're going for traditional VC, but it's a host of issues for other stuff. We have no intentions of accepting traditional VC investments for the holding company. If a VC is interested in investing with one of the products, we'll spin it out into its own LLC which would be in Delaware. But the holding company is better for us to be here, especially when it comes to paying W2 for me and my employee (both here in Iowa)


Have call with someone asking to get my input and feedback.

Started offering my services of helping people brainstorm and figure out problems they just can't quite understand. Just had the first and it went great!