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Launched on Product Hunt.

Swipe Directory - Curated Collection of 170+ Best Resources & Tools in Marketing across 29+ categories. Let's suppose you are a SaaS Founder & want your team to learn FB Ads, SEO, LinkedIn, etc. or maybe you are just a Marketer wanting to learn & improve your skills or you want your SaaS to get more exposure. Enter Swipe Directory - You can refer to Swipe Directory & filter across 29+ categories & check over 170+ tools that I have curated over a period of 5 months. - If you are an Early SaaS Founder or a Startup wants to get more exposure, you can also submit your tool. - Your tool will be live on the website after a 5-day review. - Swipe Directory is updated every 2 weeks so you get the most valuable resources on your fingertips Tools used for creating Swipe Directory:- - SpreadSimple - WordPress - Google Sheets You can show some love here on ProductHunt:- https://www.producthunt.com/posts/swipe-directory

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