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Completed MVP for code sharing website.

As promised in the last post, I'll be releasing the code for all the React components I pieced together by looking at tons of tutorials. I'll be putting it into a website so other new coders can easily create these useful components. The website will be released on 9th November, Monday. I guess you can call it the MVP. This is something I made because I got so frustrated with the existing libraries of components that require me to read through tons of documentation in order to customise it. Most libraries make customisation so darn hard, why isn't there a place where we newbie React developers can find simple, vanilla jsx and css codes for commonly used components? Anyway, I'll write a longer post when I launch it next Monday. But here's a quick sneak peak. Yup, I got a more professional name. I also intend to make this all free and open so other React devs could share their components.
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