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Struggling with pre-launch strategies :)

Strategy to grow your waitlist or creating hype before your product is launched is still the dream of many marketers. But when you know your product is solving a real problem, then creating some strategies is worth giving the try. Connecting to the professionals in that domain, having conversations with them is what I do all day, finding some resources and strategies on launching a saas product. Here is what I learnt: 1. Build Relationship Engage with communities of that same domain, giving out value to your future-users, it'll not only build the credibility but also help you to learn from them. Communities include forums, guest comments on relevant blogs. 2. Reaching Out In my initial days of reaching out to influencers, professionals for feedback or to learn from them, I reject myself more then they reject me, every time I was about to send them a message then my inner self pull me back to not send the message. But later after a few days, I found out many people are ready to help you out, You just have to approach them. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" DM me on Twitter for more discussions: https://twitter.com/ujjwal_sukheja


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