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Spent quite a bit of time deciding on the ranking algorithm for the new

This one is for the Kano nerds ๐Ÿค“ Features are prioritized as follows: - Features in the positive quadrant (the area enclosed by dashes) rank higher than the one outside the quadrant, even if their category is higher (see features ranked #1 and #4, where #2 and #3 are of a "lesser" category, but still fall within the positive quadrant); - Then, feature category determines priority. Must > Perform > Attract > Indifferent > Reverse > Questionable. Features that fall in the latter two categories shouldn't be on your roadmap anyway; you should rethink them. - Features in the same category are ranked according to their distance from the middle of the positive quadrant (x:Live With, y:Expect). #2 is a stronger Perform feature than #3 and therefore ranks higher.
Attachment to task.

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